Five Things I Did This Summer

Ironman 70.3 Eagleman finish

Greetings from New York! Yes, I know I just got back from Houston the other day, and already I'm on another trip. So I basically just kept my suitcase packed and zipped it back up this morning to take a bus from the DC area to NYC. My daughter has a doctor appointment at Memorial Sloan Kettering for … [Read more...]

Vacation Throws Off Your Game

Margarita in Texas

Howdy! (Okay, I didn't really say howdy, did I?) I'm just being silly since I'm just back from a Texas vacation with my family. So "howdy" it is! We've had a fabulous time visiting family in the Houston area. But vacation throws off your game. The diet and exercise game, that is. And I don't … [Read more...]

Triathlon Race Day To Do List

Triathlon Race Day To Do List

Today is another Tri Talk Tuesday with me, Phaedra, and Courtney, and the theme couldn't be more perfect: Triathlon Race Day Tips, and Tricks (and Rituals). I have had notes on my phone and a post like this in the back of my mind all season, since I've made a few missteps and had a few successes on … [Read more...]

Dreaming vs. Goal Setting: Five Years From Now

Dreaming vs. Goal Setting

Today's Friday Five theme is "Five Things I'll Be Doing in Five Years". Let's have a talk about this one first before delving into it. My co-hosts Courtney, Mar, and I picked this theme because it sounded fascinating. We had a recent theme of "Five Things I Was Doing Ten Years Ago" and if you didn't … [Read more...]

Kids, What Kids?

Iron Girl flat triathlete

Last week I had a break from the usual workout-kids-work-kids routine. The kids were away for a few days and therefore were out of the work-life-workout balance equation. First, let me explain something to you: this has never happened to me before. Being alone in my house with no kids? The … [Read more...]

Five Tips for New Runners

Five Tips for New Runners

If you've followed me and my Friday Five co-hosts Mar and Courtney for any length of time - oh come on, even for five minutes! - you know that all three of us love running. We love to run, we love talking about running, and we love bonding with other runners. So we wanted a Friday Five theme … [Read more...]

Living and Planning for a Sunny Day

Living and Planning for a Sunny Day

Adding babies and kids to your life. It's awesome and exciting, but it can be a tough road financially. Everyone knows that you should plan for a "Rainy Day" - meaning, save some money for the unexpected. All those rainy-day-type-things that you can't plan for, like when your refrigerator stops … [Read more...]

Tri Talk Tuesday: Triathlon Favorites

Triathlon Favorites

It's Tuesday, and it's two weeks after our last Tri Talk Tuesday, which means it's time for another one! Be sure to check out the other triathlon blogs linked up with me, Phaedra, and Tri Talk Tuesday. Today's theme is "Triathlon Favorites". We figured you can talk about your favorite races (like … [Read more...]

Virtual Races, Blogger Brunches, Rock Climbing, and Birthday Fun

Birthday run jump

Thanks for all your birthday wishes! I had a really full weekend with lots of things going on - a group virtual race, a fitness blogger brunch, rock climbing, and more! On Friday, I woke up and started the day with my kids fighting over television shows and breakfast options, but then they … [Read more...]

Chelsea Collective: Fashion & Fitness at Tysons Corner

Chelsea Collective yoga pants

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and Chelsea Collective. All opinions are my own. I discovered my new favorite store on Tuesday night! It's called Chelsea Collective, and it's a new women's fitness boutique at Tysons Corner Center. I blurted out more than once "this store has everything I … [Read more...]

Day in the Life & Birthday Reflections

bike trainer workout

Happy Friday! It's a fun Friday Five because today is my BIRTHDAY!!! That's right, I'm 42 today. Not such an exciting number, it actually doesn't feel like that big a deal compared to other birthdays. And with triathlon and duathlon racing, 42 has been on my leg for several races (since they … [Read more...]

Shopping for Fitness Clothes with Splender

Shopping for Fitness Clothes with Splender

I love shopping for fitness clothes. Can you blame me? I lost 50 pounds over the course of my fitness journey, and I needed to outfit myself in clothes that fit in order to keep up my fitness routine. A vicious cycle. And an expensive cycle. And then my fitness activities diversified - from just … [Read more...]

Running, Triathlon Training, and {Mostly} Rocking It

swimming pool with wiggly lanes

Boom. Bam. I mostly rocked the triathlon training this week. Not completely, but better than I had the previous week, and I even ended the week on the podium at the Fort Ritchie Triathlon with third place in my age group. I was totally shocked. And better than that? No epic meltdowns (from me or … [Read more...]

Five Race Day Surprises

5 Race Day Surprises

This week = flew by. It's been a great week full of morning workouts and getting tons of things done at home and at work. Things such as coming up with a mouse costume for my daughter's musical theater camp performance of Dr. Dolittle, which is tomorrow afternoon (I can't wait!). Today's Friday Five … [Read more...]

Bowflex Body Review, Discount Code & Giveaway!

Bowflex Body Review

And now for something fun today - I'm excited to share a Bowflex Body review, discount code and giveaway with you! I've been hitting all my workouts this week (aside from cutting one bike trainer ride a little short) and feeling really great. I honestly don't know if it's coincidence, or if it's … [Read more...]

10 Easy Ways for Staying Energized Throughout a Busy Day

10 Easy Ways for Staying Energized Throughout a Busy Day

This post is sponsored by Starbucks Refreshers but as always, all opinions are my own.  You may have noticed that every single one of my days is jam-packed. My life is a fulfilling whirlwind of three kids, a full-time job, international travel, and training for races ranging from half and full … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Triathlon Training in the Heat

6 Tips for Triathlon Training in the Heat

It's every-other-Tuesday again and I'm excited for this Tri Talk Tuesday linkup co-hosted by me, The TriGirl Chronicles and Blisters and Black Toenails! It's been a fun way to share tips and tricks I've learned on my triathlon training journey, and I love reading the other insight from others on the … [Read more...]

Open Water Swimming and Epic Meltdowns

LUNA Chix at practice swim

Whew, what a weekend! It totally flew by, as it often does, and here I am again, staring down Monday morning with half-finished house projects and half-finished workouts under my belt. I'm linking up with Tara for a Weekend Update recap! I left off with training and semi-life recaps with … [Read more...]

Five Favorite Summer Drinks

Five Favorite Summer Drinks

I love the fun Friday Five themes where we can talk about food, drink, summertime - all the fun stuff! Last week I totally missed the theme, because I was at Blogfest and kind of crazed with sessions and workouts, and didn't have the chance to write on the theme. So this week I was determined - our … [Read more...]

One… Two… But Not Three Strikes I’m Out

Bike trainer workout

Ever since coming back from Blogfest/IDEA World on Sunday, I've been having a wee bit of trouble getting in my morning workouts. And, just getting out of bed in general. I was only in California for 3 days plus the two travel days, so I didn't think I'd really be jet lagged from the time change. … [Read more...]

Top 10 Takeaways from Blogfest

Top 10 Takeaways From Blogfest

I’m joining Tiffany, Debbie, Natalie and Truitt Family Foods in sharing my Top 10 Takeaways from BlogFest 2015. I'm back from Blogfest and the IDEA World Fitness Convention, and my head is swimming with all sorts of blogging information, names of new people I've met, ideas for fueling my training … [Read more...]

Friday Five: All Over the Place

Blogfest social event

It's Friday but it doesn't feel like Friday! I'm in Los Angeles for Blogfest, which is a fitness blogger conference organized by Sweat Pink. I'm really loving it - getting to know other bloggers, learning a lot, and being inspired by the IDEA World Fitness Convention that this conference is … [Read more...]

Tri Talk Tuesday: Ways to Be More Aerodynamic on the Bike

Ironman 70.3 Eagleman bike

Confession: I'm a little obsessed. With what, you ask? With talking about triathlon and everything related to it. That's why we upped Tri Talk Tuesday to be bi-weekly from monthly - because we have so much to talk about. It means that me, Courtney, and Phaedra can pick fun themes that dig a … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Balanced Nutrition for Runners

6 Tips for Balanced Nutrition for Runners

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by fairlife ultra-filtered milk via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of fairlife ultra-filtered milk. If I’ve learned one thing through this healthy living journey, it’s … [Read more...]