Blue Nectar Yoga Studio – Falls Church, VA

Recently I had the good fortune to be transported to another time and place on a busy Friday afternoon. Where did this magic happen? At Blue Nectar Yoga in Falls Church, Virginia. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration – transported to another time and place? But that’s what it felt like at the Rock n’ Flow class at Blue Nectar Yoga! And this is coming from the [uncertified] Least Flexible Person on the Planet (do they give awards for that? If so, I’m going to win!).

Blue Nectar Yoga Studio front view

I was intrigued with the way they described Blue Nectar Yoga on the website, here’s a quote:

Oh yeah, we totally love what we do here. We warmly welcome the flexibility challenged. We are yoga without attitude! Come on into Blue and feel the difference!

Flexibility challenged? THAT’S ME!

When picking out a class to try, I immediately gravitated toward the Runner’s Yoga class listed on the class description page. That seemed just my speed, but then I thought – wait. Shouldn’t I try something different? If the point is to branch out and make myself a well-rounded athlete, wouldn’t a true Vinyasa yoga class be good for me? Or am I too inflexible, too inexperienced with yoga to do a “real” class?

I decided to go on a Friday when I’d be working in the office all day, and then working all evening at an outdoor concert venue in Virginia. Yoga sandwiched in the middle of a 14-hour workday sounded like a Good Idea.

The class listed at that time was called Rock n’ Flow.

Yes, please.

It was easy to find on a main street in Falls Church, and parking was free & easy right behind the studio in a small parking lot. I think there is also a garage back there.

Blue Nectar Yoga front door

The entryway was inviting, and I wanted to stop and look at all the cool things displayed, but I was running late for the class. I loved the blue – it was very soothing from the moment I walked in and I was excited to try the class.

Blue Nectar Yoga Studio

But the real soothing sensation is walking into the main studio. Check it out – I loved this space!

Blue Nectar Yoga main studio

It’s light and open feeling, with huge wall-sized windows looking out into a relaxing view of trees.

Blue Nectar Yoga Studio photos

The name fits with the blue theme – it’s the Blue Chaise.

Blue Nectar Yoga Blue Chaise studio

There is a second studio, which has the same soothing atmosphere, but fewer windows.

Yoga Studio second

They keep the thermostat warm but it’s not “hot yoga” – it’s a warm enough temperature to loosen you up and have you feel a deep connection with the yoga practice.


The class was amazing. Truly. The instructor, Andre Harris, took us through a 75-minute class that was a truly deep experience for not only my body, but my insides.

First, you have to understand that I am the least flexible person on the planet. I will seriously compete with someone for that title if ever they award a prize for it, and I’ll likely win. You think YOU’RE not flexible and aren’t a “yoga person”? You haven’t met ME! And I post about doing yoga sometimes, but it’s usually done in my basement without anyone’s eyes on me but my kids, who think it’s hilarious.

And so I swear to you, you have to take it from me – they didn’t make me feel like a “yoga loser” at this studio – in fact it felt very much “come to us where you’re at”. I felt like I was able to do each pose at my level, and then try to dig a bit deeper and push it further from that place.

There were people in the class at all levels, and I never once felt intimidated or like I should know what I’m doing and don’t (which I’ve experienced in exercise class settings before).

Can’t do the crow pose? Not ready to try a headstand?

No problem! The instructor offered a modification for everything and was great about demonstrating the various lower and also higher modifications and options. There were experienced yogis in the class too, and they could expand on their poses and push themselves deeper – it definitely wasn’t catered to a beginner level – it was full of options.

There are handy cards to indicate if you do or do not want adjustments during the class. This way you don’t have to feel awkward – you just place the card near you to indicate your preference.

Blue Nectar Yoga adjustment cards

When in the pigeon pose, Andre came around and assisted me to go further with it, kind of like a massage therapist would do – pushing into my back with his arm in a very professional, comfortable way. He was extremely helpful with options for advancing the poses to higher and higher levels, that made me want to aspire to stick with it and be able to do the more advanced poses in the class. He wanted to make sure that everyone was doing the poses correctly and safely, for maximum benefit. But it was a relaxed vibe, without judgment.

The music in the Rock n’ Flow was subtle – it had a cool, easy groove to it, and wasn’t loud and distracting. From the title I expected more of a “hard rock” feel and was pleasantly surprised at how well the music paired with the yoga. It was enough to keep me focused and pushing forward through a longer-held pose, but not too much that I was distracted by the music.


There are cubbies to put your belongings, and hooks to hang your coats.

Blue Nectar Yoga hallway

There are two changing rooms, and I loved the cool decor.

Blue Nectar Yoga Studio changing rooms

Seriously, can you NOT love these sayings in the two changing rooms?

Beautiful inspiration phrases

I love love love this one and Instagrammed it right away since it spoke to me.

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful

They provide blankets, blocks, and straps, so you don’t need to bring your own. You can also rent a mat if you don’t have one.

Blue Nectar Yoga supplies

Blue Nectar Yoga has a lot of special events going on, as you can see on the chalkboard advertising “Vino & Vinyasa”. That seemed right up my alley and it was too bad I had to work that night or I would have been there!

Blue Nectar Yoga chalkboard

You can also see on the chalkboard that Blue Nectar is starting yoga teacher training. Other special events include things like clinics on Yoga for Runners, 3-Day Cleanse, and “Rookie Yoga” clinics focusing on specific building blocks of the practice.

The class passes are a completely reasonable price for yoga in the DC area – check out the price listing here. I’ve been taking other fitness classes and if I lived closer, I’d definitely be a regular at Blue Nectar. I love that it’s a small business run by two women

If you’re in the DC area, you have to check it out – it was the best thing I could do for myself, my body, and my mental state that week! And it really was freeing to realize that maybe, just maybe, I have a shot at yoga. Maybe, just maybe, I won’t win that least-flexible-person-on-the-planet prize.

Cynthia yoga class

You can find directions to Blue Nectar Yoga here. You can also follow Blue Nectar Yoga on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What’s the one yoga pose that you can really rock? What’s the one you want to do but can’t?


I was admitted to the class at Blue Nectar Yoga free of charge in exchange for a review, but all opinions are completely my own. I absolutely loved it.

Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?!

Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?!

Cynthia Steele is a runner, triathlete, & working mom of 3 little kids. She has lost 50 pounds through fitness and healthy eating and writes about fitting in all this crazy stuff while juggling work and kids.
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  1. says

    Oh my gosh, what a perfect room to do yoga in! I will definitely have to try that studio one day. I’ve been a little intimidated by taking an actual yoga class because I’m not flexible at all either and am scared I would giggle too much. I’m glad you had such a good class!
    Lindsey recently posted…Week 9 Recap and Alabama FunMy Profile

  2. Kris says

    Love the cards. That is a great idea! A yoga studio recently opened up in my small town and cannot wait to try it out. It’s been way too long since I did yoga and truly miss it.

  3. says

    Why oh why is this place so far away from me? They need a location in Baltimore right now. What a gorgeous space and such fantastic little details that I’ve never seen in a studio before (those adjustment cards? brilliant!) Heck if Vino and Vinyasa isn’t until 7:30 maybe I can haul myself down there after work.

  4. says

    Ahhh this sounds awesome! First of all, I might actually win the least flexible person on earth award, so don’t get too excited :) I can barely do a downward dog and I think I need to find a yoga studio in Anchorage that has the same chill vibe and newbie acceptance as this place did! I’m trying to do more yoga at home and have no idea if I’m doing the poses right so hopefully I can find a good place to take classes!
    Kristen recently posted…Things I’m Loving This WeekMy Profile

  5. says

    I went along for the ride, and had the BEST time. I had been seriously slacking on my own practice over the last 3 years, and was so bummed that right before the move (literally, the week before crossing the ocean), I found the PERFECT studio. It was almost like I’d hand-picked everything about it. Will definitely make a visit when we come back to visit next summer.