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It’s been a really active summer so far – with the Maryland Olympic Duathlon, the NYC Triathlon, Iron Girl Columbia, and LOTS of fun, energized activities with my kids. In fact, today I’m on vacation with my three kids at the beach – a fun way to end the summer! I’ve been trying some new sports drinks to see what I like best and what works for me as I balance endurance training with fun times out with the kids in the summer heat. On the course of the Maryland Olympic Duathlon, the on-course hydration was something I hadn’t tried before – BODYARMOR Sports Drink – and I loved it. However, running on that hot and hilly course, more of the tiny cup got on my chin and outfit than in my mouth, so I really wanted to give it another try!

The awesome people at BODYARMOR sent me a variety of flavors to try – so of course I immediately broke out the Strawberry Banana.

Body Armor Sports Drink box

They call it a “SuperDrink” and not just a sports drink – this is because it has electrolytes, vitamins, coconut water, and they only use natural flavors, colors, and sweeteners. Here’s the low-down on what’s inside the bottle:


So… the Strawberry Banana, my first real test of the drink. I liked the ingredients list, since I’ve been trying more natural sugars and avoiding artificial stuff lately. And since I drink a lot of coffee already, I’m trying to avoid caffeine in other sources, like my day-to-day hydration. Sometimes I want a caffeine boost when working out, but it’s hard to avoid in so many products so I want to be able to just grab a drink and go.


THE TASTE: It’s sweet, but it’s NOT sickly sweet – it was a delicious natural sweet. It tasted fresh, like juice! I am sure that on my hot workout days it was helping me stay balanced with electrolytes, because typically I just drink water since it’s quick and easy to reach for, rather than mixing up a powder drink, and on the days I had BODYARMOR I felt really great and energized. It’s a great reminder that water sometimes is not enough.

I tried the other flavors for various workouts – in my water bottle during a bike ride, at the track doing a running VO2 max interval workout. It was extremely refreshing and kept me going through the running and biking. So far, Mixed Berry and Strawberry Banana are my faves, but I really do like them all!

Body Armor Sports Drink

It definitely seemed natural and juice-like enough that I would share it with my kids for soccer game hydration this fall. I have two kids playing soccer this fall and my husband is the coach of my daughter’s team, so we’re going to stock up on this stuff because the artificial or super-fake tasting drinks are just not for our family. BODYARMOR was so fresh tasting compared to other drinks!

You can buy BODYARMOR Sports Drink on their website, in stores (I found it at my Wegmans!), and I also found it on Amazon. Totally convenient!

Which flavor would be your go-to BODYARMOR flavor? Would you reach for the Strawberry Banana first like I did?

You can check out BODYARMOR on their website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this review, but all opinions are my own.


Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?!

Cynthia @ You Signed Up For What?!

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    I agree, this stuff tastes great! I tried it after the Maryland Olympic Du (I don’t try new stuff during a race…also thought they were shouting out Under Armour at the aid stations so was totally confused!) and liked it, and then I got some as part of my award at the Women’s Du. I like that it doesn’t taste too sweet, and contains coconut water, which I love!
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    • says

      I had heard them say that they had it on the course at the course briefing the day before (yes, I went to it with my dad!), and was intrigued since I hadn’t tried it! And yes, I tried it during the race even though it was new. So cool that you got it in your award!

    • says

      Confession – I made a typo and just edited my post. I was excited to see that amazon carries it since I order so many things on amazon, but they had a bottle of Blueberry Pomegranate picture in a similar bottle color to the Mixed Berry I LOVED, and I made a typo. That’s what happens when you are typing with 3 kids running around. Turns out the Blueberry Pomegranate is not a current flavor – I’m sorry! Didn’t mean to mislead, just a total human error. :)